Introducing the Bitesome App

Today the Bitesome Team is launching our mobile app.  The Bitesome app helps people track their dietary patterns.

Tag your meal with useful details, like where and with whom you’re eating.  Keep track of your meals — whether it’s fastfood, eating out, take-out, etc.

Search for food items from our database — or simply snap a picture if you want.  See the chronology all the recent items you’ve consumed, along with detailed info on calories, fat, carbs, protein, fiber, and micronutrients.

Delve deeper with the Bitesome Grid — a weekly report of your nutrition.  See average energy, protein, fat, carbs, fiber, and sugar intake.  See at a glance how often you’ve been eating out vs at home, consuming fastfood, and other key indicators of healthy eating.

Learn your temporal patterns. See what days and times you’re consuming meals and how you’re obtaining your nutrition.

Stay tuned for opportunities to participate in research studies.  Bitesome app users may be contacted to participate in cutting-edge studies, where you can learn about your own nutrition, as well as contribute to the science of healthy eating.

The National Institutes of Health’s NCHART study is using the Bitesome app to understand how help people manage their hypertension better.

Bitesome is available on iTunes and Google Play store for your Android and iOS devices.

The Bitesome Team

The Bitesome Team is made up of public health nutrition scientists from the University of Washington and Stanford University.  To learn more about their current research, the app, and the science of nutrition from the Team, visit