Google your Nutrition Facts? Yes, try a Google Search.

Need a quick way to look up nutritional facts from just about anywhere, on any device?  A few years ago Google began to implement nutrition data into it’s search tool.  On the Google search website, simply enter a food name (it helps to add the word “nutrition” to the search too), and Google will respond with a sidebar that looks like a nutritional food label.

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How Do Researchers Normally Assess Diet? Lessons from the National Cancer Institute

There’s no single ideal method for assessing diet in research studies.   The National Cancer Institute provides some helpful guidance on the pros and cons of different dietary assessment methods.

Let’s start with the Food Frequency Questionnaire — a questionnaire aimed at understanding the frequency and amount of consumption of different foods and beverages over a specified period of time.  Usually, the questions are worded to assess consumption over the last month or year.  So it’s a tool for getting at general diet characteristics for an individual or population group.

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Introducing the Bitesome App

Today the Bitesome Team is launching our mobile app.  The Bitesome app helps people track their dietary patterns.

Tag your meal with useful details, like where and with whom you’re eating.  Keep track of your meals — whether it’s fastfood, eating out, take-out, etc.

Search for food items from our database — or simply snap a picture if you want.  See the chronology all the recent items you’ve consumed, along with detailed info on calories, fat, carbs, protein, fiber, and micronutrients.

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