UW Medicine’s tips for more veggies in your diet

It can be a challenge to introduce more vegetables into your diet.  RD’s Haas and Groat at UW Medicine provide their tips in their video and story.

Add vegetables to everything

From soups to omelets, use every opportunity you can to add some veggies into the recipe.

Go frozen

Frozen vegetables are just as nutritious as fresh, so use what’s available, cheaper, and convenient.  Same thing goes for canned, just look out for added salt or sugar.

Don’t be a perfectionist

Even if you prefer to eat organic produce, non-organic is fine if that’s what’s available.  Though, try to avoid the“dirty dozen”  — vegetables that tend to have pesticide residues.

Go vegetarian (even temporarily)

Switch it up, and try the veggie option at restaurants.

Liven up your greens

Get creative with your salads.

Don’t force yourself

Don’t just choose vegetables based on their nutritional value, choose the ones that you actually enjoy eating.

Be a glass half-full person

Focus less on the bad things you tend to eat, and instead try to have fun, and be creative with new and interesting ways of incorporating vegetables into your meals.


I’ve summarized, but if you’d like to read their original story, it’s available here.