Google your Nutrition Facts? Yes, try a Google Search.

Need a quick way to look up nutritional facts from just about anywhere, on any device?  A few years ago Google began to implement nutrition data into it’s search tool.  On the Google search website, simply enter a food name (it helps to add the word “nutrition” to the search too), and Google will respond with a sidebar that looks like a nutritional food label.

The  food label shows typical macro and micronutrients, including precentages of daily allowances.

Note the footnote at the bottom.  It looks like Google is getting their results from the USDA database.

Since Google search runs on PCs, Macs, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices, there’s really no excuse for not looking up a food item’s nutritional content whenever in doubt.

And, if you have a voice-activated gadget, give this a try: “OK Google”… “How many calories are in a banana?”.

Is there anything that Google doesn’t know?!